Pictured above:  Helen Goransson, Youth Exchange Liaison, Rowan Waddell, Matilde Nevi, and Tom Harmon, Club President
We were delighted to hear from the students who participated in the Short-Term Rotary Exchange program this summer.  Rowan Waddell, a Marshwood High School student, traveled to Italy to stay with the family of Matilde (Mati) Nevi in Terni, Italy.  After a few weeks there, Mati and Rowan traveled back to the U.S. together so that Mati could stay with the Waddell Family for the same number of weeks.  The two students provided a wonderful PowerPoint presentation about their experiences and Mati shared information about her home life and country.  Thank you, Mati and Rowan, for your adventurous and friendly spirit and your poise and presentation skills.  We loved meeting you!