So Much News to Report
The last time you heard from this reporter we had wrapped up 2018 with a shiny bow with a delightful Yankee Swap breakfast at Spring Hill.  
Then we were off for a couple of weeks, rang in the New Year, and on January 10th had our first meeting, but your club secretary was splashing in the Caribbean at that time.  Richard had another creative meeting where each Rotarian was put on the spot to talk about Rotary.  I heard it was great.  Many thanks to those who manned the Food Pantry on the first Thursday in January, too.
January 17th, thanks to Brandon Elsemore, we had the pleasure of meeting Cara DellaRusso (sp?) and her dog Mac aka Macaroni.  Cara is a South Berwick resident who runs two businesses, On-Demand Home Services, a cleaning company, and Cara's Pet Care and Training.  She possesses expertise in canine learning theory (yes, that's a thing) which uses classical conditioning and operant conditioning concepts to properly train a dog.  Once you understand their psychology (dogology?), it is possible to obtain the results you desire in a dog's behavior.  Just understand what they want and what they like and give them that when they do what they are supposed to.  Kind of goes with most everybody, doesn't it?
This coming Thursday, January 24th, Hap Moore has invited the folks from House of Hope in Somersworth to talk to us about the wonderful things they are doing there for homeless women and children.  Well worth attending.
On the business and service front, Rotary invoices are out for the semi-annual dues.  Please make payment soon to treasurer Kim Brooker.   Coming up are 1) the dictionary project to all 3rd graders in Eliot and South Berwick, 2) an electronics fundraiser to raise more scholarship dollars, 3) a dance sponsored by us and the Marshwood Education Foundation at Berwick Academy to raise more scholarship funds, 4) the Geography Quiz Night to benefit the project in Zambia, 5) selecting students from Marshwood High School and Berwick Academy to attend RYLA (2 apiece), 6) selecting our scholarship recipient, 7) a blood drive.  It's a shame how idle we are...
In case you haven't seen it, there was a good article in our local papers about Molly Banville's progress and her need for a second set of transplants.  Donations are being made through our Rotary Club:
A final announcement from Robin Wheeler:
The Coast Guard families are in great need of food due to the government shutdown and Robin requests that members bring in food items at the next meeting and/or money to donate and she will shop for what they need and bring everything to those she knows who are helping those families at this difficult time.
Thank you, dear Rotarians!