Rotattler for Meeting of December 3rd and Board Meeting
It had been awhile since we gathered on Zoom, but when we did meet on Thursday, December 3rd, we used the time to catch up with one another and brainstorm ways we could serve the community during this holiday season.  We came up with a plan to provide gift bags of chocolates for service providers and first responders in our towns.  We hope to have a meaningful message inside each bag and perhaps Lena Ugren can create a piece of art that expresses our thanks for each of the service organizations to present as well.  
We will also ask Sharon at the Community Service Department is there are other needs where we can help.
We were reminded that we need to present a slate of officers for the next Rotary year.  We are working on that.  Any volunteers?  Please let President Deb and Wes Kennedy know if you are interested in a leadership role.
We will be inviting our latest Rotary Scholarship recipient to tell us how life has been in college during the pandemic.  
We are lining up speakers for the coming meetings.
We will be issuing checks to Katie Taran ($2500) and to last year's scholarship recipient for the second tranche of that scholarship ($500).
We continued to plan and assign tasks for members to complete the "Candy for First Responders" project/  We estimate up to 250 people may be receiving these bags of sweets and we hope that Brenda can come up with tasteful tags to include in the baggies.  Because of the work involved to do this right, we will plan to distribute these during the week between Xmas and New Year's Day.  
We have 3 speakers on tap to join our upcoming Zoom meetings:
Katie Taran will be joining us this coming Thursday to talk about college life at the University of South Carolina this past fall.
Mike Lassel is trying to get his friend Wolfgang from Salzburg to tell us about the situation in Europe nowadays, hopefully on December 17th.
There will be no meetings during Xmas and New Year's weeks.
The following meeting, the first meeting in January, looks like one where Najee Brown of the Sol Project and the Seacoast Rep will be sharing with us his vision for raising cultural awareness in our region.
Hope to see you all on Thursday!  Cheers!