We did not have a speaker for this meeting but we did share a lot of news.  
Amy Miller provided an update for the Life and Hope School in Milot, Haiti.  First off, there is going to be a fundraiser next week (see below).  This will be a virtual bus tour and drive through Milot with some students and staff from the school.  They will provide an update of their activities and some music.  This is a fundraiser as well so there will be opportunities to give to the school during the event or afterwards.  Amy reports that, in honor of Bob's Clam Hut which has supported the school in Milot from the very beginning, the school has created an eatery called "Chez Bob" in Cap Haitien.  I have tried to cut and paste the information from the email Amy sent, but this is what came through.  If the link doesn't go anywhere, just contact Amy or me and one of us will forward you the actual email with specific details and a lovely photo.  The information should also be posted on our club's Facebook page (check it out for other Facebook updates Brandon has helped us with).  Search South Berwick-Eliot Rotary Club for the FB page.
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Subject: Join us for a bus ride through Milot - Wed. April 21
We hope you can come to this exciting update and fundraiser, live from Milot. Grab a cocktail and share this invitation with a friend! Music by Kent Allyn and Haggai Anglade. Zoom link here
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In other news, 
1)  There will be a board meeting on Monday, April 19th.  President Deb will share the details.
2)  The electronics fundraiser seems to be imminent for the last Saturday in May at Eliot Commons.
3)  Lena Ugren is planning to paint the mural for the Food Pantry in May.
4)  The car rally fundraiser is still being planned and discussed.
5)  We hope to pin down a real venue for our in-person meetings, most likely by September if not sooner.
6)  We are hoping to have another fundraiser where individual Rotarians gather pledges for Rotary from friends and family for things those Rotarians commit to do (e.g. walk 5 miles, swim laps, change a certain number of diapers, etc.) and then post on FB a photo of us doing those things and collect the money for our scholarship fund.
On Thursday we will hear from Nancy Loftus from Berwick Academy who will talk about early childhood education that incorporates outdoor experiential learning.
See you then!