Before I hop on the back of a motorcycle on its way to the top of Newfoundland, here is the latest and greatest from today's meeting:
Next Thursday is Rotary After Hours, tentatively at the tavern at the Links at Outlook in South Berwick starting at 5:30 p.m.  Come for the fun.  Bring someone to meet the great people.  DON'T GO TO THE COMMUNITY CENTER THAT THURSDAY, of course.
September 14th is Club Assembly.  Should be a busy one.
Not sure what is going on September 7th, but will surely be worth attending...
We are making a goal for each member to bring at least one guest to a club meeting or event once this year.
There will be a Bridge Walk to support Polio Plus again in October.  If you can't do it, then support one of the members who will be.
We are working on cleaning up the by-laws.   Stay tuned and be ready to discuss and vote on this.
Our speaker today, brought to you by Jeremy Fogg, was his friend George Beland.  George is a woodworker who started this endeavor in 2002 when he made anything with wood.  He cooperated with a wood shop at the Button Factory in Portsmouth, sharing tools and expertise.  He most prefers being a furniture maker but does mass production of all sorts of items made of wood.  He has mastered the technology to be able to produce items in bulk according to custom specifications.  He has some employees and now owns a small shop in Eliot, Maine.  Although he can hand-tool, he prefers to use machines to make his products and is an expert in CNC (computer numerical control) machines.  We saw some of his furniture and novelty items he has produced.  His biggest challenge is marketing his work.
Be back in a couple of weeks.  
Vroom, vroom...