Zoom Meeting of March 11, 2021
Here is the latest news from our club, as discussed at the Thursday Zoom meeting of March 11th:
Brenda Gagne is off to PETS (presidential training - she is our next President), and prior to leaving she needed to tell our District who were our future presidents for both 2022 and 2023.  So Jeremy Fogg and Skip Cousens will be listed, although they accepted to be president in name only for the moment.
Our next speakers are 1) Kate Rafferty from the Dover ASIS program on March 18th, 2) The Center for Wildlife on March 25th, 3) Rowan Waddell from Marshwood High School who would like to take part in the Rotary International Youth Exchange (prospective member Paige has offered to provide guidance to her) on April 1st, and 4) Berwick Academy person who will talk about a program they have for younger students which stresses the importance of being outside and in nature on April 15th.  Other ideas for speakers include more from Berwick Academy and inviting someone to talk about the Waldorf School in Eliot.
During the recent board meeting, we heard more fundraising ideas, including obtaining pledges for important causes based on a personal challenge being offered (e.g. "I plan to run 5 miles and am collecting pledges to support my run which will go to the food pantry...").  Also suggested was a fundraiser event around Halloween as long as other local organizations are not already planning something else around that time.  
We hope to start meeting in person sometime in the future at the Stagehouse Inn in South Berwick.  That would be a real milestone!
Our members are so generous.  After hearing about the meal preparations project that past speaker Linda Becker described, Brandon Elsemore contacted her directly and asked what he could do.  It turns out that he donated a lot of disposable recyclable containers to that group!  So thoughtful of you, Brandon.  And we already know that Lena Ugren has offered to make a mural and it seems that talks are underway for her to do something for our food pantry.  How neat would that be!
Jeremy Fogg is giving it one last try to get an electronics fundraiser going.  Each time he has gotten close to making the arrangements the organization with which he was planning this had to change course due to so many different circumstances.  Stay tuned.
Richard Donhauser suggested a new fundraiser.  This one would be a car rally with adults and youth in each participating vehicle going on a sort of scavenger hunt around our towns.  Start times would be staggered to avoid traffic problems.  A fee would be charged for each vehicle entered.  Prizes would be awarded.  We would incorporate local businesses, too, somehow.  He and two other members have agreed to meet to brainstorm this project and give information back to the club.  Intriguing...
See you on Thursday!