Meeting of March 14, 2019
Jeremy Fogg's PETS (presidential) training last weekend made district history when he and his father Richard were both being trained since they will both be presidents in the 2019-20 Rotary year (not the same club, of course).  We are thankful for the Fogg-men's commitment to Rotary.
Robin Wheeler bade me to beg for brew bottles for the beer bucket (alliteration, anyone?), to be auctioned off at the upcoming MEF/Rotary dance in late April.  Thanks for bringing those in, along with your wine bottles to donate as well.
Speaking of the letter B, Monday is the Board meeting at 5 p.m. at the office of Civil Consultants.  Also Brandon Elsemore, who publishes a community newsletter every quarter, is putting together the information for his April-June issue, so if you have anything you would like him to include and announce, please get that information to him.
Continuing with the letter B, Bob Andelman, a retired anesthesiologist at our local hospitals, will be speaking to us next week about Suboxone treatment.  If you're curious about what that is, be sure to come to next week's meeting.  He is Carol Chapman's guest speaker.
And finally, concluding our b-alliteration, Sharon Beckwith was our guest presenter at our breakfast meeting.  She updated us on the progress Daisy's Children has made.  As you may recall, we supported this program in Honduras and most recently Sharon and local helpers worked side-by-side, setting aside religious differences and digging and building a new building for the expanding program.  Daisy's Children feeds children before and after school, prepares them for school, and is moving into vocational training for their families.  They are now feeding 200 children twice a day at a cost of about $2500/month.  We don't know how she manages it, but she says that good people keep supporting their efforts to keep these children from starving.  We so admire her and their efforts.
B well.  B happy.  B at the next meeting...