Meeting of March 7, 2019
We welcomed a number of visitors, including Dave Wheeler, Vickie Stewart, Michael (who is no stranger to our meetings anymore and a past speaker at our club meeting) from Berwick Academy, and our guest speaker John Marshall.
Next week's presenter will be Sharon Beckwith who inspired us with the Daisy's Children project in Honduras, to give us an update of developments there.  You may recall that we supported them in the past with one of our Geography Quiz Nights.  It is always exciting to hear what Sharon is up to these days.
Speaking of Geography Quiz Nights, the next one is right around the corner and we are gathering lots of teams and sponsors and raffle and food items and workers for that event, which is on April 5th at the Great Works School.  Please consider sponsoring a team, even partially, and/or donating raffle items, food, and your time.  Since the project in Zambia is a global grant, every dollar we make towards it will be tripled!
We thank those who worked at the food pantry that evening.  Also, Stan Shapleigh reported that the most recent news coverage about Molly Banville helped us raise another $1000 to help her out as she continues her medical ordeal in Cleveland.  At our next meeting, for those who are so inclined we will be passing the hat for Molly as well.  
Coming up soon (April 27th) is the MEF/Rotary Scholarship Dance at Berwick Academy.  Robin Wheeler passed out 4 tickets to each Rotarian in hopes that each member will sell that many.  In addition to the dancing and the light food, there will also be a small live auction.  One item will be a basket of wine, so each Rotarian is requested to bring one to help fill that basket.  Proceeds will benefit both organizations.
Remember to set aside your electronics when we try to fill a truck with those in May.
And before we end the year with our Strawberry Festival lobster rolls sale, we will be feeding our Eliot senior citizens again at a special dinner at the Eliot Congregational Church sometime in May.
John Marshall had a wild and woolly trip through Colombia with his wife, daughter and daughter's boyfriend.  Their itinerary included the colorful and renowned cities of Medellin and Cartagena and an island off the coast of Colombia.  Colombia is bordered by 6 countries and although it has a frightening reputation, it has been fine since 2005 and the dollar exchange rate is very favorable.  John shared  his photos and funny stories about his adventures while there.  We are so happy he survived the plankton tour!