Meeting of October 4, 2019
What a day!  It was truly win-win-win.
Our club officially welcomed 2 new members, Mary Onken and Amy Miller.  Here's proof:
So our club won two great new members!
Our new members won the opportunity to have fun with us!
Other news:
We had food pantry on Thursday, October 24th is World Polio Day and we will do something special for that, Eliot Festival Day went well, and this coming Saturday is Rotary Rocks and we have several members going.  
Upcoming speakers:
Lisa Twombly (sp?) will be our speaker next Thursday.  She will talk about opioids (she was a speaker at a recent Kennebunk Savings Bank event and she is associated with Journey Magazine.
The following week, Karen Brown, the director of Footprints food pantry will speak to us.
Meanwhile, at this Thursday's meeting, Amy Miller was our designated presenter and she gave her classification talk.  Being a writer and very clever, she summarized her life and self by giving 1) reasons why she shouldn't live in South Berwick, and 2) reasons why she loves living in South Berwick.  Although Amy's entire family lives in cities, this city-girl writer took her earliest writing job in the early 80's in Exeter.  She had a friend who lived in South Berwick, which was her introduction to this lovely town.  She worked for Rod Doherty as a cub reporter and when he went to Foster's he asked her to come along.  She has been a true asset to the community, having opened SoBo Books and Coffee for those who enjoyed reading and music and other activities that happen in a coffee house.  It wasn't lucrative but it was good and has led to the rise of SoBo Central which is a group of involved citizens who help all over the place.  She has been one of the members of the Tuskegee Sister City Project and that has been a great experience for all involved.  And she maintains her great passion for Haiti and Life and Hope activities there.  She is one of their biggest promoters.  She personally has lived in the Dominican Republic with her family (she and her husband have one daughter who is exploring the world right now and a son who is in high school).  And we enjoy reading her stories in the newspapers.
In case you're wondering about some of the reasons why this New York transplant shouldn't be in South Berwick (according to Amy): 1) she drives and parks likes a city girl, 2) she works in Boston in the Environmental Protection Agency's public affairs office, 3) her husband is a cartoonist and was somewhat fearful of rural places, 4) she doesn't garden, 5) she doesn't decorate for the holidays, 6) she has no down-home skills, 7) she talks too fast and is argumentative, 8) she dreams of being an international journalist, and 9) she has an affinity for the Latin-American and other cultures (she was married in the Caribbean). But the things she loves about being in South Berwick keep her here, including 1) she loves living near a ski hill, 2) she loves darkness so the long nights don't bother her, 3) she loves Xmas lights, 4) she loves downtowns, especially South Berwick's, and, most importantly, 5) she has the most wonderful neighbors whom she loves dearly.
And we love having you as a member of our club, Amy!