Rotattler for Thanksgiving Week and Beyond
Your club secretary was NOT there when the club members served Thanksgiving dinner to the seniors (busy with live turkeys and turkey customers).
Your club secretary was NOT there when we have a board meeting that Monday evening (still driving all over creation delivering turkeys to her customers).
Your club secretary will NOT be there this coming Thursday (off to see a Broadway show and then babysitting in Virginia).
But that doesn't mean YOU should not come to this coming Thursday morning meeting, since it's been a while and it's always good to get caught up with all that our busy club is doing.  So please come and find out about the activities planned in December.
Be sure to look at the reminders in the left-hand column of the Rotattler to know what events are imminent. 
This coming Friday is Home for the Holidays which is always fun, as Rotarians light up the town and enjoy each other's company before taking the lights away.  Come to the meeting for more details.
Meanwhile, the following Thursday we are honored to have State Representative Michelle Meyer come to our meeting to tell us what is happening in Augusta and the State of Maine.  She is a most interesting woman, too.  Mark your calendars for that meeting.
The Thursday after that is our Yankee swap and holiday party so start combing your attics for a gift that is naughty or funny or nice.  Always fun.
Thanks a million to all those who helped with the Thanksgiving dinner we hosted at the Community Center for the senior citizens.  It was nice having the Berwick Academy Interact members around for that as well.  
This coming Thursday evening is Food Pantry.  We welcome your help (6-7:30 p.m.).
See you next week, but have fun at this Thursday's meeting.