Meeting of November 14, 2019
Before your club secretary shuffles off to Buffalo (actually, Antigua and Montserrat), here is the news as of today...
BOARD MEETING THIS COMING MONDAY, NOVEMBER 18 at the offices of Civil Consultants.  Feel free to attend if interested.
Thanksgiving for Seniors is all set, thanks to Kim Brooker's organizational skills and dedication.  The First Federated Church will do the cooking, York Hospital will provide the pies, we'll do the set up and serving and clean-up and bring some cider, too.  Thanks to all.
Wouldn't you love to be a club officer?  All positions are open for nominations, so please see Wes Kennedy if you are inspired or have suggestions.
We were heartbroken to hear that Kim Brooker is being kicked upstairs, i.e. being promoted to a leadership position with the Kennebunk Savings Bank, and will be leaving us to work in York.  What'll we do without her?  Best of luck, Kim, in all your endeavors.  
Anyone interested in becoming club treasurer?
Next week's speaker will be Karen Brown from Footprints Food Pantry.
We are looking into sponsoring a needy family for the holidays.  Sounds like a lovely idea!
If you are interested in having a holiday party after hours for the club, please tell President Jeremy.  Or perhaps you have other ideas?
We welcomed two new members today:  Vicki Stewart and Chris Chidester.  Yippee!
Mike Lassel spoke a bit about Rotary Foundation and then we watched an excellent video reminding us what great work RF does worldwide.  Then we collected donations.  Thank you to all the members who have donated or plan to.  FYI, you may do this on-line at .
The date is set for Geography Quiz Night.  MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR FRIDAY, APRIL 3, 2020.
Speaker of the Day
Bob Quinn from Berwick Academy introduced our speaker, Kim Kryder, an Eliot resident who is the Director of Wellness and the Upper School Counselor at Berwick Academy.  She is also a coach on a couple of athletic teams.  This is her ninth year in that position, and how lucky are those students to have her there!  A mother of three who are also students at BA, she also coaches Eliot Rec Soccer in her spare time.
When studying psychology and counseling she zeroed in on school counseling, recalling her own experiences as a high schooler with friends who struggled and the lack of adequate school counseling.  She graduated in 1998 and lives by the credo that counselors can change lives.  After completing her studies at George Washington University, she was a high school counselor in Arizona (she is originally from Wisconsin).  But her heart's desire was to impact the lives of kids of all ages, so BA was a perfect fit.  She appreciates their holistic approach to helping students and reassures us that even though they may act aloof of stand-offish, they DO want to talk to you.  BA has academic support, nursing support, faculty and counselors who help students develop the skills they need to follow a lifelong pursuit of healthy living.  So many challenges face students nowadays, especially stress, social media, technology, not enough down time, the echo chambers of peers and social media bombardments, and the need to understand all opinions.  She strives to give kids the skills to navigate life, manage stress, and reduce anxiety, establishing a foundation of skills from a very young age.  In short, it is important for people to identify their core beliefs and turn the negatives around each day and then they will find that life goes on and they can cope.